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Below are various different pictures of the quartz products we have made through out the years.

4" High Temperature Ribbon Boat

This boats holds 26 wafers and has heavy wall tubing.

2" Boat

This is a 2" boat that holds a total of 100 wafers and is approximatly 12" long.

4" Low Profile Boat

This boat holds 50 wafers and is 5.8" long.

6" 50 Slot Boat

This is a medium profile 6" boat for automated transfer machines.

4" 26 Slot Boat

This is a low profile boat for 100mm wafers.

4" Wash Boat

This boat is designed for washing wafers in beakers or cleaning tanks. They can be made to hold any size wafers, even down to 5mm square pieces.

3" Cage Boat

This is a 3" cage boat that holds twelve wafers.

6" Contiguous Boat

This is a plunge cut boat for 150mm wafers and is contiguous.

4" Ladder Boat

This boat is designed to hold 100mm wafers and has wheels to roll it into your process tube.

4" Automated Transfer Boat

This boat is designed to work with automated transfer machines and holds 100mm wafers.

4" Diameter Plate Boat

This is a quartz plate that has been plunge cut to hold 100mm wafers.

4" Boat

This boat holds 100mm wafers and has pull hooks to slide it in and out of the process tube.

5" Contiguous Boat

This boat holds 125mm wafers in a contiguous manner when two boats are put together.

6" Plunge Cut Boat

This is a contiguous boat for 150mm wafers.

6" Shell Boat

This boat is machined out of a heavy wall tube and will hold 150mm wafers.

Quartz Sled

This quartz sled is a simple design and will help you hold your boats into your process tube.

Slotted Quartz Plates

These are some plates that we have machined in house to either build boats out of.

Slotted Quartz Rods

These are slotted rods that we machined in house for different boats we make.